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About Cresco

Cresco Process Systems began business in 2002 with the aim of providing expert dryer process support. The customers we served were also interested in improving their sourcing options for replacement dryer parts. This led Cresco to begin providing dryer slats, chain, steam coils, and other dryer parts.

Over the next several years Cresco expanded its dryer support by providing parts and retrofits for more brands and varieties of drying equipment - including: Proctor & Schwartz, Aeroglide, FEC, and National. Projects included: dryer expansions, refurbishments of installed dryers, and replacements of dryer conveyors. Cresco worked closely with our customers to improve the quality and functionality of dryers and replacement parts.
In recent years Cresco has continued to provide dryer parts, retrofits, and refurbishments - always with the aim of improving the performance of the dryer. In addition, Cresco has provided new dryers and coolers to our customers- including both multiple-pass and single-level dryers. Cresco's designs are tailored to the needs of your project, and all of us at Cresco are dedicated to making Your Next Dryer Your Best Dryer.
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